In-House Laboratory

Experience enhanced healthcare through fast, accurate, and cost-effective lab tests and results.

Laboratory tests are necessary for doctors to make accurate diagnoses. However, releasing results usually takes time and delays the doctor’s analysis and the patient’s treatment process. But with in-house laboratory services, patients can receive timely and accurate diagnoses and procedures fast and conveniently.

West Coast Family Medical Care has an in-house laboratory complete with the latest facilities and most advanced equipment for fast and accurate lab tests and results. We partner with Quest and LabCorp to offer comprehensive laboratory services, so we can provide better and more precise patient care.

Our In-House Laboratory Services

At West Coast Family Medical Care, our in-house laboratory can help you with various laboratory tests, including:

We often require urinalysis to evaluate patients for diabetes, liver and kidney disease, and other urinary tract infections. With our in-house laboratory services, you can rely on our doctors to develop the best treatment for such conditions.

Treating strep and flu before they get worse is necessary to protect your and your family’s health and safety. Our well-experienced doctors and physicians can recommend the most appropriate treatment right away by delivering fast and accurate lab results.

Poorly managed blood sugar can result in diabetes and lead to many health problems. West Coast Family Medical Care’s in-house laboratory offers glucose testing services to help our doctors check and monitor your blood sugar levels.

While pregnancy tests can be done at home, our in-house pregnancy testing services ensure more accurate diagnoses for your peace of mind. We have advanced urine and blood testing facilities to determine whether you’re pregnant or not.

Digital X-rays are now preferred for their convenience. Unlike traditional X-rays, where you have to carry huge films, digital results can be sent and accessed through computers. We offer digital X-ray testing at our in-house laboratory.

At West Coast Family Medical Care, we look after every patient’s health and wellness. We provide diagnostic screening to detect potential and occurring health disorders in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

Benefits of Our In-House Laboratory Services

Consulting healthcare professionals for medical advice and getting the right treatment for your condition is easier if there’s a readily available laboratory. Here’s how our laboratory services ensure enhanced medical care for every patient:

Our in-house laboratory ensures convenient access to diagnostic services and results. From specimen collection and actual laboratory testing to releasing test results, we make the process easy, quick, and comfortable.

Readily available laboratory equipment means results can be released within a short period. With timely results, doctors can come up with diagnoses and provide proper treatment right away.

Our team can give you a full picture of your overall health and wellness through our in-house laboratory. Records and results from your diagnostic tests are compiled into your patient profile, which can be easily accessed for future consultations.

Why Choose West Coast Family Medical Care

West Coast Family Medical Care is one of the leading medical facilities that offer comprehensive healthcare for all patients, regardless of age and needs. If you are looking for a reliable healthcare provider to guide you on your wellness journey, here’s why you should choose us:

1. State-of-the-Art Equipment.

We always look for innovative ways to deliver high-quality healthcare. We have the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment to provide excellent medical care for all patients.

2. Highly Trained Medical Staff

Our skilled and friendly medical staff are here to make your visit with our doctors comfortable. We’ll be with you to guide you during your check-up, appointments, and laboratory tests.

3. Over 30 Years of Experience

West Coast Family Medical Care has been providing exceptional healthcare services since 1987. We leverage our years of expertise to give patients the care and quality healthcare services they deserve.

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