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At West Coast Family Medical Care, we understand how essential it is to support and guide our patients at every step of their healthcare journey. Through our online resources, advanced technologies, and patient-centered services, we help our patients better understand their conditions and navigate healthcare seamlessly.

Here are the resources you can explore to familiarize yourself with our services and make your stay with us a more comfortable healthcare experience:

Our Resources

Our patient portal gives you safe, convenient, and 24-hour access to your medical record. All your private information is secured and can only be accessed by you and our medical team. You can also download and complete healthcare forms through the patient portal.

We offer a wide range of healthcare products in our onsite pharmacy, including assistive devices and dietary supplements. With a full-range pharmacy available on our premises, we can give you prompt medical support and assistance so you leave informed and prepared to adhere to your treatment plan.

West Coast Family Medical Care accepts health plans from a wide range of insurance providers, including Cigna, Humana, Tricare, and Medicare. Because every insurance contract is different and benefits vary from policy to policy, our expert team will gladly help you process your health plans and answer any of your inquiries.

The key focus of our services is providing personalized healthcare that accommodates every patient’s specific needs. We use a proprietary model from SignatureMD to provide personalized and accurate diagnoses, individualized care, and comprehensive medical services for each patient.

Useful Information and Links

For more information regarding family medicine and a wide variety of topics about healthcare, here are some useful links you can refer to. You can also find here a list of agencies and organizations to turn to for healthcare support, information, and instruction.

Government Agencies and Associations

Family Medicine and Healthcare Resources

Drug Abuse and Violence Resources

When You Need a Doctor, Not a Hospital

Enjoy personalized and enhanced healthcare at West Coast Family Medical Care.

If you have inquiries regarding our healthcare services, feel free to contact our expert team. We’ll be delighted to assist you with all your needs and concerns.