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Get the safest and most accurate treatments with our pre-authorization services.

Prior authorization, or pre-authorization, is the process where your primary medical care provider secures advanced approval from your healthcare plan before a specific service can be administered. Through prior authorization, you can determine whether you need the planned service and if you qualify for payment coverage. It ensures that you receive treatments that are medically necessary and appropriate.

At West Coast Family Medical Care, we go out of our way to establish prior authorizations for procedures and medications. We do it with your health in mind and make certain that you don’t undergo any unsafe and dangerous treatments. Our team follows a compassionate healthcare approach that prevents us from actions that can put your health at risk.

Our Prior Authorization Process

We follow a comprehensive prior authorization process when it comes to helping our patients. Our priority is that our patients get the medical care they need to improve their quality of life. As your healthcare provider, our prior authorization process follows these steps:

How Our Prior Authorization Process Can Help You

Although it might seem like a hassle, accomplishing prior authorization can give you peace of mind. Knowing that you’re getting only the required treatment lets you focus on your recovery and wellness. It also lessens your worries since there’s a possibility of you getting medical coverage from your insurance provider. Here’s how our prior authorization process can help you:

Prior authorization improves the quality of care provided since the medical care you’ll get needs to strictly follow the latest practices and recommendations. You have the assurance that the care you receive contributes to your healing and doesn’t cause any further harm to your condition.

Prior authorization lessens the cost of pricey prescriptions and treatments since it requires you to use lower-cost alternatives that are just as effective. This will bring you more savings in the long run and prevent you from going into debt as you seek treatment.

Prior authorization protects you from receiving any treatment or medication that is unnecessary and maybe even harmful to your condition. You’ll only undergo mandatory and prescribed services and prevent duplication. In addition, you’re guaranteed to receive the services that’ll help your path to recovery.

Prior authorization help stop medication errors. Since it requires insurance companies to go through your entire health plan, they’ll help prevent the prescription of dangerous drug combinations. You’ll only take the recommended drugs and medication that won’t negatively affect your health and well-being.

Why Choose West Coast Family Medical Care

Your medications and procedures should be safe to use or administer. Unnecessary medications and procedures can make your condition worse. We do everything in our power to guarantee you get the medical care you need at a more affordable value. Here’s why we’re a trusted medical care provider:

1. Dedicated Staff Members

After getting notified by your pharmacy or insurance company, we have two staff who will handle your entire prior authorization process. We’re committed to making the process seamless and stress-free. Our staff has the skills needed to speed up your authorization request so you can get the care that you need right away.

2. Access to Onsite Pharmacy

We always strive for excellence, and having an onsite pharmacy is another way we can serve the needs of our patients. Our pharmacy is fully operational and ready to provide you with your required medication. This allows you to access your medicine immediately after getting your prior-authorization request approved.

3. Quality Healthcare at Every Stage of Life

Age shouldn’t be a factor in the quality of care you receive. We at West Coast Family Medical Care provide excellent healthcare for all ages, from infants to octogenarians. We offer medical care, mental healthcare, and vaccination services for all the members of your family.

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