Personalized Healthcare

Gain access to high-quality healthcare designed with your needs and goals in mind

At West Coast Family Medical Care, we put our best foot forward to reinvent how quality medical care is measured and delivered to each patient. Through our personalized healthcare services, we prioritize every patient’s specific health needs and develop individualized solutions to meet them. We focus on building lasting relationships with our patients and helping them proactively manage their own health.

Our Personalized Healthcare Services

West Coast Family Medical Care offers comprehensive family medicine services tailored to each patient’s individual health needs and goals. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable doctors and nurses to assess your current health condition and improve your overall well-being.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us for personalized healthcare services:

1. Proactive Approach to Health Management

When it comes to your health, we do not allow any compromises. Our expert team will use advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate your health status and risks for potential chronic conditions. This approach allows us to develop effective strategies to protect you and your loved ones from injuries, diseases, and emergencies.

2. Physician to Patient Interaction

Effective communication is the foundation of our healthcare services. We’ll listen attentively to your needs and give our full support to ensure that you receive the care you need. More than providing comprehensive services, we build trust to help patients get more comfortable with discussing their health issues and needs.

3. Solutions Tailored to Individual Health Goals

An integral step in our processes is developing your personalized wellness plan. Our expert team will work collaboratively with you to determine the best treatment method and medication that ensures maximum effectiveness and outcome. We’ll guide you at every step of reaching your health and wellness goals.

Meet Dr. David Hicks

Dr. David Hicks partners with SignatureMD to offer personalized healthcare services to every family in the Pasco, Pinellas, and Hernando counties. He’s a board-certified family medicine specialist and a doctor in osteopathic medicine. Dr. Hicks is committed to helping patients achieve their health goals and enjoy an improved quality of life through a unique healthcare approach—one that takes every patient’s best interests at heart.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in joining our personalized healthcare program, you can begin enrolling via the SignatureMD enrollment page or by filling out the member application form and submitting it to our office.

You’ll meet one-on-one with Dr. Hicks during your visit to begin crafting your wellness plan. Be sure to bring your medical, personal, and insurance information for a seamless enrollment process.

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