Opioid Detoxification Program

Begin the path to sobriety with compassionate, expert help from West Coast Family Medical Care.

Opioid dependency has now reached an epidemic level. Research has shown that approximately 36 million people worldwide abuse opiates. Opioids also have the highest relapse rate—and withdrawal from this drug often leads to potentially life-threatening conditions. While many users want to detach themselves from the vice, giving up opioid addiction comes with challenges.

At West Coast Family Medical Care, we understand how difficult opioid withdrawal can be, and we are here to guide you toward recovery. We develop an evidence-based program supported by an in-depth study that involves detoxification, relapse treatment, and counseling. Our program aims to help patients overcome opioid addiction and restore their quality of life.

Our Opioid Detoxification Program

Our compassionate healthcare team at West Coast Family Medical Care offers their expertise to help you achieve complete recovery. We’ll be guiding you throughout the entire process of your tailored detoxification program. Generally, this program involves:

Regular visits and check-ups are necessary to monitor your progress carefully. Our clinician will conduct several assessments and tests to ensure that your body responds correctly to your tailored treatment plan and effectively manage the detoxification process.

Our medical practitioners are certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to prescribe and administer addiction treatment medication for C-II controlled substances. We only recommend medications to help patients manage withdrawal symptoms.

Counseling is an integral part of our detoxification program, as it’s where we help our patients improve their motivation for recovery. By creating a safe space for patients to share their struggles, we help them find support and judgment-free guidance that they can utilize on their road to recovery.

Boredom, stress, and relationship issues are some of the reasons recovering addicts fall back into substance abuse. We’re here to prevent these risks and help patients overcome relapse. Through careful and thorough coaching, we identify each patient’s triggers and develop a plan to avoid or manage them.

Why Choose West Coast Family Medical Care

At West Coast Family Medical Care, our ultimate goal is to be part of the solution to this opioid crisis. For over three decades, we have helped those substance use problems find their way back to recovery.

We offer a personalized, holistic approach to accommodate every patient’s unique needs. If you’re in need of addiction treatment or help in your recovery, here’s why our team’s the best to trust:

1. Personalized Treatment Plan

We understand that every patient struggling with addictions has unique needs. Our expert team develops and recommends the most appropriate treatment plans that accommodate their specific needs and help them work towards recovery more comfortably.

2. Convenient Patient Portal

Our online patient portal is designed for easy navigation and convenience. Committing to a treatment program requires checking your progress and record frequently. With our patient portal, you can easily access the essential information you need for your treatment plan.

3. Dedicated Healthcare Team

We take pride in our exceptional staff at West Coast Family Medical Care. Our team of clinicians and medical practitioners gives full support, dedication, and care to all patients. Aside from the opioid detoxification program, our experts provide a wide array of other services.

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