Onsite Pharmacy

Convenient and Centralized Point of Care for Patient's Medication Needs

At West Coast Family Medical Care, our full-service onsite pharmacy houses top-quality healthcare products. We understand that patients deserve not only the best healthcare services but also access to high-quality medical products that can help them achieve healthier lives.

Products We Offer

About Our Onsite Pharmacy

At West Coast Family Medical Care, we believe that making healthcare more straightforward, more accessible, and more comfortable can help improve patient outcomes. For this reason, we offer centralized healthcare and support through our onsite dispensing pharmacy. As one of your trusted medical service and product provider, our in-house pharmacy offers:

1. Convenience

We understand that dealing with a health condition can be difficult. By offering you a “one-stop shopping” experience through our pharmacy, we’re helping you save time and making it easier for you to prioritize your health.

2. Safety

Your health and safety are always our priority at West Coast Family Medical Care. We ensure that all the products we offer are pharmaceutical-grade and undergo stringent quality and safety testing.

3. Support

With our in-house pharmacy, you can easily connect with our medical staff to quickly and professionally address your concerns regarding possible reactions to medications, missed doses, dosage frequency, and usage of medical devices.

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Stay on track with your medication plan with care and support from West Coast Family Medical Care.

For inquiries regarding our products, call us today. We’re also expanding our pharmacy soon. Stay in touch, so we can keep you posted on the latest addition to our list.